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ESO McCabe Chair

From 2013 until his death in February 2015, John McCabe was Composer-in-Association with the English Symphony Orchestra (ESO) based in Worcestershire.

The ESO's principal conductor, Kenneth Woods, comments: 'It will forever be a source of deep regret that John's appointment as composer-in-association with the orchestra coincided almost exactly with the onset of his illness. There were so many more projects we wanted to do, and I know John bitterly regretted the times he was unable to travel to join us. John was so excited about the prospects for the partnership and was infinitely generous with his wisdom and energy, helping us to put his music in the right contexts. The video interviews we recorded as part of the association are fascinating - John could speak with awe-inspiring fluency on any musical topic. He was someone who could inspire and instruct the most expert professional musicians and engage with a general audience with wit and warmth.'

The ESO has now permanently renamed its Composer-in-Association Chair in memory of John McCabe. The ESO's first John McCabe Composer-in-Association, from 2015, will be Philip Sawyers.

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