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St John's College Chapel, Cambridge

Glorious Cambridge Evensong

One of the shortest of McCabe premieres was one of the most moving, taking place as it did in the glorious setting of the chapel of St John’s College, Cambridge, in the course of Evensong on Thursday 15th May 2014.

A short choral work entitled Peace Carol took the place of the anthem, and, like the rest of the service, was wonderfully sung by the choir conducted by Andrew Nethsingha, the Director of Music. The dark interior of the chapel was illuminated by brilliant sunshine streaming through the magnificent stained-glass windows, all around, though especially at that time through the great west window. It was a magnificent occasion, in a perfect setting, and underlined the beauties and the importance of the ecclesiastical choral tradition.

Thanks to the generosity of Andrew Nethsingha and St John’s College, we were able to stay in Cambridge, which was at the height of its Spring beauty, and enjoy a splendid dinner at the high table as well, making it a most memorable day.

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