John McCabe - composer and pianist

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Joseph Tong - Year's Mind Recital

Joseph Tong - Year's Mind Recital

Pianist Joseph Tong marks the exact year’s mind of John McCabe’s death from brain cancer with a recital of wonderful works, including John’s Piano Sonata (Homage to Tippett: Study No. 12). This touching memorial concert also has a lovely programme of works by Schubert, Schumann, Sibelius and Rachmaninov. The recital, a Coffee Concert, takes place on February 13th 2016 at 11am in the Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury (full details can be found listed under Events).

Tippett was one of John’s revered composers, along with Schubert, Haydn and Vaughan Williams, among others. He once said, of a youthful illness, that listening to the opera, The Midsummer Marriage, made him get well again.

Joseph Tong has recorded the Sonata on a Quartz CD (QTZ 2088), and together with pianist partner Waka Hasegawa, has also recorded John’s two-piano works, including the major work, Upon Entering a Painting.