John McCabe - composer and pianist

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It is often difficult, in the face of so many atrocities and so much wickedness in the world, which seem to go on from generation to generation, to believe in the power of love and goodness. Yet I had only to look around me at John’s Funeral Service, and have only to look around me now, at the many cards and letters at home, and the many emails on our computers, to know that love and goodness exist, and that goodness as John had attracts its own reward and is returned a hundredfold.

I am aware, more than ever before – and as I think John, in his modesty was never aware – how much he was loved. From Nan, his childhood friend of 70 years’ duration, to Donna, his lovely carer in his last days, through so many people he met as a student, in his professional career or daily life, John was loved, respected and admired, and I thank you all, for the comfort that the knowledge of this love has given me.

One of the most touching things John said to me, in his final days in hospital, was ‘I think this illness has brought us closer together’. Despite my great loss, John lives on still, in my heart and soul. I hope, through his music, he will live on in yours also. Music, I find, seems to touch the heart and move the spirit, more than any other art. It brings us closer into communion with our fellow men and women. One thing especially I have learned from this sorrowful episode is, always love and treasure your friends, family, and often even chance acquaintance. They are the greatest of all your treasures, and no other stands along side it.

Thank you all.
Monica McCabe
March 5th 2015